hi i'm callie enjoy your stay
im queer and im also fat
i am a girl. she/her pronouns. please look at my abt for more info
ALSO: please note that i DO TAG THINGS!! i tag thoroughly, you just can't tell when looking at my page because tbqh idk how to make the tags show up...

i'm actually dead this is my zombie that is doing all the blogging surprise

thoroughly invested in self love and intersectional feminism



Cripes Almighty!
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Green Day: Jesus of Suburbia

"I’m the son of rage and love.

The Jesus of Suburbia;

the Bible of ‘None of the above”, 

on a steady diet of

soda pop and Ritalin.

No one ever died for my

sins in Hell,

as far as I can tell,

at least the ones that I got away with!”

An all-time favorite song.

1 year ago on December 16th, 2012 | 5 notes